Beaverkill Stories

The First Collection circa 1950

Volume I 2003

Volume II (2006)

Note:  In 2007 the FOBC published the Heritage Edition which included all the stories from Volumes II and II, as well as a new photo section.  The photos from this section are listed in the Photos Index.


Web Exclusive Stories

Trout Fishing on the Beaverkill
by Fred Banks 
This story appeared in the 1950s booklet, but to our knowledge, nowhere else.

The History of Lew Beach
contributed by Fran Sharpless in August 2008, probably written by Mrs. Si Gordon for the First Collection. This pdf document shows you the original manuscript, typed back in the days before cut & paste existed, when you had to type it right the first time, and you got your fingers black from carbon paper. Mrs. Gordon's story, as far as we know, has never been published anywhere but here.

Beaverkill ... My Beaverkill
Lloyd Barnhart August 2009


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