Stories of the beaverkill Volume II
published in 2006

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John Kelly

Craigie Clair
an editors' note in the Heritage Edition, concerning the spelling of Craigie Clair

The Hardenb?rgh Question
an editor's note in the Heritage Edition, concerning the spelling of Hardenbergh

Jessica Foote's Letters to her Sons
contributed by Tim Foote

by Jessica Foote.  A poem published in the Heritage Edition.

by Jessica Foote.  A poem published in the Heritage Edition.  These two poems, written at about the same time as Mrs. Foote's letters to her sons may give a view as to her real state of mind during this period.  The letters sound cheerful and optimistic; the poems are dark.

Memories of Beaverkill
Anita Simpson Beverly

Summer in the Beaverkill
Doris Fischer

Dundas Castle
Jane Sokolow

Trouthaven on the Beaverkill
Janet Durland Simpson

The Beaverkill Trout Club Chapter I
Ed Cerny

The Beaverkill Trout Club Chapter 2
Ed Cerny, including a picture of the Third Annual Dinner of the Beaverkill Trout Club March 29, 1919 and its enlargement

Beaverkill - A Legend
a poem contributed by Mildred Whitehill Bankert , author unknown

Gurden Smith at Laraway
John Kelly

Frank Kinch and his Family
Bill Sharpless

Frank Kinch Splits Wood at 88
Leslie C. Wood

Popping Dandilions
a poem by John Hamilton Adams

The Lure of the Beaverkill
Mac Francis

How Ross and I Came to Beaverkill
Mac Francis

Patricia Adams

Rudi Mayer at Laraway
John Kelly

Dump Days and Elephant Hunts: the 50s and 60s
Patricia Adams

The Benedict Story
Susan Benedict Hand

Alice Perkins Sharpless Gordon
Connie Gordon Lynn

Summer Trek up Slide Mountain
Connie Gordon Lynn

Beaverkill in the Summertime
a poem by Connie Gordon Lynn

The River/The Valley
a poem by Linda Gordon Bonin

The Church
Patricia Adams

Alice Arden Hodge and Family
Stuart D. Root

Days at Blue Haven
Mildred Whitehill Bankert

The Bridges to Summer: the Willichs
John Kelly

Fred Banks IV at Trout Valley Farm
as told to Patricia Adams by Fred Banks IV

The Hardenbergh Family
Judy Van Put

Beaverkill, Clear Lake and the Early 30s
Tim Foote


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