2022 Annual Members Meeting – Minutes

Following a wonderful string quartet concert at the Church, featuring JENN AHN MISNER and guest members of the MANOR CAMERATA, the FOBC held its first annual members meeting since 2019. Minutes from the meeting reported by new acting Secretary Barbara Trelstad below.

Minutes of the Friends Of Beaverkill Community

Annual Meeting

Sunday – July 31, 2022

CAMPSITE AND RIVER TRAIL:   Interns Noah and Jordan,  from Catskill Mountainkeeper, gave a presentation on current projects and issues near the Covered Bridge public access area.

FOBC has been involved in several past preservation issues in the area, among them are:  1)  restoration of the covered bridge, 2) restoration and maintenance of the old Methodist church (now Beaverkill Community Church), 3) replacement of the Iron Bridge in Craigie Clair and 4) Issues concerning use (sometimes overuse} and ongoing maintenance of the day use area by the Beaverkill Campsite.

Ongoing projects include clean-up and maintenance of the beach area under and around the Covered Bridge; ongoing conservation issues as the past decade has seen much more use of the beach area under the Covered Bridge.  New York State is trying to minimize overuse which is an ongoing issue.

There is an ongoing concern about overuse.  Communication with users is a major issue, currently there is only one staff member who speaks Spanish, the language of most of the current users.  The presence of household pets and loud music are further issues

The Trap Valley Farm Trail on the opposite side from the Beaverkill Campsite provides access to the meadow abutting what was once Trapp Valley Farm.

CHURCH:  Mary Hall gave a brief report on the church.  The church opened its doors in 1882 as a Methodist Church.  In 2012 conversations were held between valley residents interested in preserving the church and the Methodist Church.  The land that the building sits on is its footprint…no larger.  In 2012 the church was bought by the community and today services take place there on summer Sundays.  Services follow the Methodist liturgy.  Sermons are posted on-line.

BEAVERKILL VALLEY LAND TRUST:  The Beaverkill Valley Land Trust began in the 1970’s.  It is the current owner of Beech Mountain Lake Preserve.  The Preserve has recently been opened to use.  To gain information about use, contact: Info@CatskillMountainKeeper.org.  And to use the cabin call Mountain Keeper for the combination to the lock on the gate.

There is current discussion about a potential “Interpretative Trail” in the area.  This is currently being discussed with the forester and it is hoped that it can be made handicapped accessible.

NEW OFFICERS:  Chris Kissock will take over as President, Judith Katz will be Vice President, Josh Grier will continue as Treasurer and Barbara Trelstad will be Secretary.  We would like to have at least wo other members at large to complete the Board.  Volunteers are welcome.

FOBC EMAIL DATABASE:  Josh asked for emails from all members…he currently has 290, some of which need to be updated.

HISTORICAL ARCHIVE:  Barbara reported that she has been storing the Archive which contains some primary materials referenced for the various books on the history of the Beaverkill along with many photographs of prior events, mainly tennis tournaments.

FOBC BOOKS FOR SALE:  Patricia noted that the History of the Beaverkill books are on sale in Roscoe and there is also a cookbook comprised of recipes from longtime residents on sale in Roscoe as well.

Respectfully submitted

Barbara Trelstad, Secretary