Welcome – The High Meadow Project

Welcome to the Valley, Elizabeth Hope Williams and Johnny Anderes, founders and operators of The High Meadow Project.  No strangers to the neighborhood, Elizabeth spent many summers here with her family and they chose the Beaverkill Valley Inn for their wedding festivities,   Elizabeth and Johnny migrated to Lew Beach from Chicago, with three offspring in tow, as the pandemic descended last year.  They have since launched a fabulous addition to the area’s dining options, now housed in the legendary (and often mysterious) Lew Beach venue – The Pub.  Located on the northeast corner of Lew Beach’s bustling downtown intersection, The High Meadow Project initially offered socially-distanced outdoor dining (right by the river), and has remained open four nights a week during the winter months for local take-out.  We’re all looking forward to  the return of on site dining, and the reopening of The Pub’s intimate bar, once the weather allows.

Chef Johnny Anderes’ interest in food stems from his grandfather, an international commercial pilot who picked up a passion for French cooking during his travels overseas. Spending long periods of time together, Anderes experienced French cooking with local produce at an early age—an influence that is unmistakably present in his sustainable and family-friendly approach to modern cuisine. Johnny was most recently the Executive Chef for the Chicago Athletic Association, spearheading the menus for the award-winning Cherry Circle Room, The Game Room, The Drawing Room, and The Milk Room.

You can order from The High Meadow Project and/or receive its weekly email blasts at thehighmeadowproject@gmail.com.