FOCUS on Bruce Janklow

Bruce Janklow, long time Valley resident (since 1984), has found a fresh vision through his  camera’s lens. Having become very competent at taking what he calls “pretty pictures” (see his image in our heading above for evidence of that), Bruce has recently been pursuing a more challenging approach to his photographic work.,

Introduced to photography at an early age by his father Leonard Janklow – an accomplished  creator of op-art kinetic constructions – Bruce began snapping pictures in the mid 1950’s with a very simplified 35mm camera, a Kodak Pony.  He grew up to spend his professional years in New York City, in various advertising and marketing agencies and endeavors…while continuing to hone his interest and craft in the photographic arts.

Since retiring in 2008, Bruce and his wife Ilene split their year between their house on Craigie Clair Road and a winter residence in San Miguel de Allende – in Mexico’s central state of Guanajuato.    In addition to over 35 years shooting in the Beaverkill Valley, Bruce combined his passion for world travel with his full time commitment to his photography – circling the globe with his cameras.  From Uzbekistan to India to the Mississippi Delta, Bruce’s journeys have produced a large portfolio of unique photos.

A small folio of Bruce’s current work – titled “Unfinished Stories” – is linked below, mostly shot in the Beaverkill Valley, this work emphasizes the more abstract possibilities of the medium.  As Bruce describes the collection is “an unexplained call to the viewer to participate in exploring the mysteries of the photograph”.

For those interested in further exploring Bruce’s works – you can contact him at   Click on the link here to view the collection:

 Unfinished Stories