Life in the Valley – Coronavirus Day 26

As our Governor advises – we are now entering what will hopefully be the top end of a flattened Covid-19 curve. Every home in the area, permanent and vacation, seems to have a least a couple of cars or trucks parked outside. So many full and part-time residents must have made the wise move to shelter-in-place up here in the Catskills. Local businesses remain open, if possible, but the streets in Roscoe and Livingston Manor remain quiet. Curbside pick-ups are still available at various local restaurants – but almost all orders must be placed in advance on the phone. Down in the Manor Pecks is reasonably well stocked now, but you won’t see anyone in there without a mask. The Catskill Food Hub continues delivering boxes for pick-up on Thursday afternoon (ordering and paying is easy on-line). They have reported a 600% increase in sales – so one piece of good news for the local farms. And, of course, breweries and wine merchants have been designated “essential services” in Albany – so no shortage there.

We’re very pleased to see that the Roscoe Community Nursing Home is still fully operational and applaud the local staff there. Heroes indeed.