Liquid Gold

Carl Obecny, wife Joan, and an assortment of valley residents and their dogs have been back up in the woods above the Beaverkill Covered Bridge again this winter – gathering sap and boiling it down into Carl’s much sought after local maple syrup.

For the uninitiated, the process starts with small metal spouts, sometimes called spiles, drilled into the trees. Late winter temperatures – below freezing at night, above freezing in the daytime – allow the raw sap to drain into collection bags and buckets hung on the spiles. Accumulated sap is collected daily for a couple of weeks, then put through a lengthy filtration and distillation process – reducing every hundred gallons of sap down to less than ten gallons of finished syrup. Carl’s custom built wood-fired evaporater works long into each evenings of the short gathering season. Result – pure Beaverkill maple syrup. No additives and of course 100% organic.