Labor Day Tennis Tournaments
in the Early '90s

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These are early photos of the annual Labor Day Tennis tournament. Originally organized by Winsome McIntosh, the tournament was taken over by Pat Root. After the Levys bought the MacIntosh house, they continued to host the event.

The pictures were taken in the early 90s, though we are not sure exactly when. Judging by hair cuts and clothing the series would seem to span a period of several years.


1st row: Ellen Grant, Leslie Lee, Dwight Lee, Winsome McIntosh, Mike McIntosh, Pat Root (kneeling). 2nd row: Gardner Grant, Will Waller, Pam Waller, Mac Francis, Ross Francis, John Adams, Patricia Adams, Bonnie (Winsome's sister leaning forward, in front of her husband), Eric Hamerstrom.


1st row: Neal Brown, Kelly daughter, Hazel Kelly, Pam Waller, Reesa Levy, Steve Levy. 2nd row: Stuart Root, Pat Root, Bob Trelstad, Ned Ames, Jane Sokolow, Ross Francis, Will Waller, Page Waller, Levy daughter. Last row: Waller guest, Enid Lotz


Trelstad son, Vince Martinelli, Steve Levy, Neal Brown

1st row: Steve Levy, Hazel Kelly, Judy LaBelle, Pat Root, Mac Francis. 2nd row: Reesa Levy, Steve Brown, Stu Root, Neal Brown, Vince Martinelli, Mia Wilkenson, John Kelly, Anna Lise Vogel. Back row: John Wilkenson.


John and Hazel Kelly


Enid Lotz and Larry Vogel


A Tennis Tournament Awards Ceremony in the ’90s Back row: Steve Brown, Stuart Root, Pat Root, Steve Levy, Reesa Levy, Patricia Adams, John Adams, Jane Sokolow, Ned Ames, Neal Brown. Front row: John Kelly, Hazel Kelly, Judy LaBelle.


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