Old Postcards
contributed by Steve Levine, Jane Sololow, and Anna Lise Vogel

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A.P.DuBois Co General Store,
later Rudy Fuhrer's Drugstore.


Beaverkill 1883


The Beaverkill Campsite in the 30s


The Beaverkill Church in the 30s


Clear Lake


Clear Lake


Edgewood Inn Edgewood Lake South


Livingston Manor


Livingston Manor during the 1933 Flood


Livingston Manor Looking West



on the left:  Middle Shin Creek Falls.  Postmarked 1906

on the right:  Upper Shin Creek Falls.  Printed in Germany for the Roscoe-Rockland Review.  Postmark date is not readable..


Sprague House Lew Beach


Near Lew Beach


Near Lew Beach


Rapid Transit in the Beaverkill


On Route 17 where the Beaverkill and East branch of the Delaware River meet


Trout Fishing in the Beaverkill


Trout Fishing in the Beaverkill.  Not the Beaverkill Covered Bridge.


Believed to be a picture of the Willowemoc in Livingston Manor and in front of the Livingston Manor Central School. The stone wall abutting the river pretty much looks the same today.

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