The First Beaverkill Post Office
circa 1920

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Fred Ackerly, O&W Railroad Man,
Frank Kinch, Ike Kinch


In the 1920s the post office was in the Ackerly house, today the Adams house. The post mistress at that time was Mrs. Vernooy -- but she and the post office soon moved up to a much larger (two storey) post office situated just before the juncture where the Lew Beach road sends an offshoot up in the direction of the Ames/Sokolow place. That post office, which was the post office all during the 1930s and 1940s, had a gas pump (Socony Vacuum), sold lots of stuff including Tootsie Rolls, Black Jack gum and corncob pipes, and was reached up a monumental flagstone staircase, descending left and right from a big flagstone porch like the approach to a French chateau.

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