Lew Beach in the 30s and 40s

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The following collection of photos comes to us courtesy of
Bob Bardsley and Steve Levine.
Notes are by Steve Levine.

Bob Bardsley on the left. Cecil Stewart pumping gas.

Cecil Stewart and his father at the filling station in Lew Beach.

Lew Beach swimming hole. You are looking from the north bank of the river towards Lew Beach and where Shin Creek meets the Beaverkill on the left. You can see the bridge spanning Shin Creek and the building that now serves as the Beaverkill Homeowner's office in the distance.

The Lew Beach swimming hole.

Mary Smith Road. The location of this part of the road is not identified but my guess is that it is where the road passes through the Bardsley property.

The old iron bridge spanning the Beaverkill is seen in the center of this view looking upstream. Bob stated that back then that the river under the Mary Smith Road iron bridge was deep enough to jump into from the bridge. Not recommended today.

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