The Iroquois Club 1926
contributed by Steve Lott.  pictures Courtesy of Clive C. Speer
and the Clear Lake Stream Club

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Picture of the clubhouse from across the river circa 1926


The “swinging bridge”, a walking bridge across the river from Marble’s house (presently Edwards) to the clubhouse.


Collecting logs for the dam


Part of the “crew”


Hauling logs into the river


Dam construction


Dam construction


James Marble inspecting the dam


Worker driving in a spike to hold the timbers in place


A trout trying to jump the dam. NOTE: The trout were unable to jump the new dam in their fall upstream run to spawn, so Jim Marble and other members used large nets to aid the trout to the upstream side of the dam. This practice continued as an annual event for several years until flooding destroyed the dam.


The Iroquois Club 1926
The Clear Lake Stream Club

contributed by Steve Lott
Pictures Courtesy of Clive C. Speer and the Clear Lake Stream Club

A Brief History

• Owned by the Jersey family, who began the Jersey Club sometime prior to 1900.

• Purchased in the early 1920s by James Marble for use by him and his business associates, retaining the name Jersey Club.

• In the mid 1920s, in order to increase operating revenue, membership was expanded and the club was renamed the Iroquois Club. Marble lived across the river in the present Edwards house, and used the swinging bridge to cross to the clubhouse. All members were issued yellow creels when fishing, enabling Marble and other members to easily distinguish members from poachers.

• Purchased in 1966 from the Marble estate by Clear Lake Corporation, a group of individuals who have continued the club as the Clear Lake Stream Club ever since.

• Presently, there are 15 members of the Clear Lake Stream Club, a mix of residents and “weekenders”, many of whom have been members for over 30 years. The club has been managed for years by Michael Santimauro under the oversight of Clear Lake Corporation. The clubhouse building and grounds are presently undergoing major renovations due for completion in 2006.



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