Flood June 19, 2007:
Holiday Brook Road

by Virginia Lawrence

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On Friday, August 17, Ginny Lawrence drove over Holiday Brook Road. These pictures show the devastation two months after the flood.

At the bottom of the road on the left, that is at the Pepacton end, a man came out of his house [see last picture on page] and told Ginny that although he had lost most of his land, and a barn with $45,000 of equipment inside, his neighbor had fared worse. His neighbor had lost his home.

This man has contacted the County authorities, the State authorities, and the Federal authorities. There will be no help coming from them. Nor will his insurance company pitch in, having refused the classify the flood as a freak of nature rather than as a mere flood. This man, who has lived in this house for almost 20 years and in Delaware County for almost 40 years, is retired and living on a fixed income.

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