The 1933 Flood:
The Manor and Lew Beach

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The following collection of photos comes to us courtesy of
Bob Bardsley and Steve Levine.
Notes are by Steve Levine.

Livingston Manor August 24, 1933


The flood at its crest under the Mary Smith Road iron bridge.


Mary Smith Road Bridge during the flood. This car is passing exactly where the Pub is now on the right.


Lew Beach during the flood. This house is the same house that presently still exists adjacent to the Beaverkill Garage. The iron bridge can be seen on the left. It was once owned by Luke, the owner of Lukes Place where the Pub is now.


The Lew Beach Church. The house at the extreme far right would appear to be the one presently located behind today's Firehouse and the first house on the right after making the turn up Shin Creek Road. Owner unknown.


Lew Beach Church during the flood of 1933. The following pictures, taken during the flood of August 24, 1933 make the flood of last month seem like a walk in the park.


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