Clear Lake Brochure 1928
by Marian Tobey

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Little Switzerland of America

Note: This brochure was put out in 1928 when old Mrs. Tobey turned the place over to her niece Marian Tobey and Clear Lake Cottages was reorganized, or re-launched.


CLEAR LAKE COTTAGES, at Beaverkill, New York, may be reached by motor via either Middletown, N.Y., or Port Jervis, N.Y., to Monticello, Liberty, and Livingston Manor, over good roads and through most picturesque and beautiful country. By train the cottages are reached via the Ontario and Western Railroad, from Weehawken to Livingston Manor Station and thence by a six-mile drive.

CLEAR LAKE is 2,000 feet above sea level.

By auto, 130 miles from New York City.

Over forty seasons under Christian ownership-management.

Season, May 15th to October 15th.


Come while the Laurel is in bloom.

Children Welcome
Telephone, Livingston Manor 122F2-4

Originally opened in 1886

For many years Clear Lake Cottages estate was under the management and ownership of Mr. and Mrs. William S. Tobey. It was well known as a vacation and summer resort of unusual quality.



The place has been widely known for its remarkable beauty and many advantages, having a lake entirely surrounded by the estate itself, and the well known trout stream, the Beaverkill, flowing along its boundary. "The Cottages," as a guest house, was famed for its hospitality and for the excellence of its cuisine. A few years ago the ownership and management of the present "Clear Lake" estate was taken over by Miss Marian E. Tobey whose aim it is to continue the development of the place with the same ideals as the former owners had and to make "The Cottages" in every respect ideal as a vacation resting place for those who appreciate beautiful nature, and seek the quiet of so secluded and comfortable a place.

Clear Lake, which has been for many years privately owned, is a beautiful sheet of water lying in the foothills of the Shawangunk Mountains at an elevation of about 2,000 feet. On one side rises Mt. McGuckin covered with dense forest. On the other, is a small plateau on which "The Cottages" are situated.



Not much more than a stone's throw from "The Cottages" winding along in the valley to which the plateau descends, is the Beaverkill, well know as a trout stream.

Here for many years famous fishermen have caught their biggest trout. We assure you, however, that big fish still lurk under the big rocks and in the deep pools, for the Beaverkill is kept well stocked.

There are pleasant walks along this mountain stream, about the lake and on the mountains, where the scenery is always picturesque and full of charm.



Clear Lake, the home of a great variety of song birds, where the song of the hermit thrush rings out so sweetly. An infinite variety of real inspirations for the landscape painter. Nature's amphi-theater.

Green fringed, by wild blooms bordered, fountain-fed,
The Clear Lake's crystal coolness sleeps around.
Beyond, a tranquil mountain forest-crowned,
From azure depths uplifts a sunlit head.

The wide world offers many a wider scene,
With grander waters, nobler hills between,
But nowhere, sylvain haunt more fair than this,
Where man may pass unchallenged, nature's guest.

by James Richardson



The cottages are located on an estate of 165 acres of uncultivated woodlands. Private roads lead into the estate. There is no traffic through the estate. The use of the lake and estate is reserved for guests at clear Lake only.

Unexcelled drinking water from our natural springs. It is famous for its health-giving properties.

In the Main House, there are spacious living rooms from which guests look out upon a view of rare beauty, the lake of crystal clearness in whose surface lies reflected the steep mountainside, forest covered. Large porches surround these rooms. Fireplaces on cool evenings help to make this a pleasant summer home.



There is also in the Main House a large, airy dining room, where guests from all the cottages enjoy their meals of well-prepared, home-cooked food, served in abundance. Good milk, cream, fresh vegetables and fruits and only the best quality of foods finds its way to the tables for guests at Clear Lake.



Grove Cottage is surrounded with foliage and shrubbery. The views from porches and windows toward the lake, or mountain, or valley below are charming.

On the first floor of the cottage is a large, airy living room with open fireplace.

It is advisable for guests to make reservations for rooms some time in advance.

Correspondence will receive prompt attention. Address, Miss Marian E. Tobey, 226 Midwood Place, Westfield, New Jersey, until June first. After June first, at Roscoe, New York.





We shall appreciate references from those who are not already among the clientele.

Rates given upon application.

Double rooms,
Double rooms with singles connecting,
Connecting singles,
Connecting doubles,

Boats rented by week or season.

A deposit of $10.00 per person should accompany all reservations for a week or more. A $5.00 deposit per person for a weekend.






Mrs. R.C. Aldrich
Mrs. H.M. Davis
Mr. John Harper
Mr. George D. Smith
Mrs. Charles Lee
Miss Kate Haney
Dr. Anna Stewart
Miss Helen Sands
Mrs. G. Ladd Plumley
Mrs. Arthur Donaldson
Miss Lillian Wiggins
Mr. Charles B. Hatch
Mr. Bayard Taylor
Miss Julia Farrar
Mrs. John T. Foote
Mr. Howard Bush


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