Dundas Castle is located in Craigie Clair on 904 acres of land bordering the Beaverkill River just upstream from the Iron Bridge. The castle gates are next to the Iron Bridge.

Dundas died in 1921 before the castle was completed and since his wife, and later his daughter, had been confined to an institution for mental instability, it is probable that no one ever lived in the imposing granite structure. Rumors persist, however. It has been claimed that Dundas's deranged wife was indeed confined there.

Alternatively, some say the castle was inhabited by a beautiful young temptress who leaned out of an upstairs window and lured fishermen inside.

Today the castle is uninhabited and, unless you make a point of looking closely, almost hidden from the road by trees.


Note: Although the Castle is located within the district that the Friends of Beaverkill Community are dedicated to preserving both historically and culturally, Dundas Castle is on private property and due to privacy and security reasons the owners do not allow access to the Castle.





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