Musicale at the Beaverkill Church
August 11, 2007

On Saturday, August 11th, the Beaverkill Church hosted the first of what may become several "Musicales" - that is a variety of secular and eclectic musical offerings. In this case the program consisted of pre-teen sax player [Will Connell of the Elm Hollow Road Connells], a group we called the BarberBeautyShoppers to recognize the teenage sopranos doing the first tenor line [Bridget Connell and her friend, Amy Sparrow], among other features.

But the musical highlights were provided by Charles Dodsley Walker - an organist and musician of national prominence who was visiting the valley. Charlie regaled the audience with anecdotes and keyboard tricks too sophisticated to reduce to writing. But our ears were tickled and vastly amused.

As if these frolics of keyboard legerdemain were not enough, Charlie also sang first bass for the BarberbeautyShoppers and 2nd tenor for the Chorale numbers, Deep River and Simple Gifts.

Lise Walker also lent her soprano voice to the choral offerings by an augmented Beaverkill Chorale, as well as a Donizetti operatic duet from the humorous opera "The Elixir of Love."

And the audience was part of the act. The BarberBeautyShoppers sang four familiar old timer songs which were followed by the audience doing the same. They were: Let me Call You Sweetheart, I Had a Dream Dear, Down by the Old Mill Stream, and My Wild Irish Rose.

The gala concluded with Will Connell again playing When the Saints... but we changed the lyrics to "When the saints go marching out..... they'll feel an urge to make an offering, when the saints go marching out!"

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