Flood June 19, 2007
Report Issued August 2008
from the National Weather Service

On June 19, 2007 Delaware County was devastated by flash floods.   At last the official report is available.  Click below for a meterological and hydrological analysis in pdf form.



The National Weather Service in Binghamton New York would appreciate any reports that can be phoned in on our toll free line during times of severe weather or flooding. This will allow the weather service to have a better idea of what is happening on the ground and to provide more accurate and up to date information in their watches, warning, and advisory products. They can be reached 24-hours per day at: 1-800-759-2992

What the National Weather Service would like reported:

  1. Rainfall reports of an inch or greater within 3-hours or less.
  2. Rapid rises of water along Spring Brook, Holliday Brook, Berry Brook, and the many other small creeks and streams in the area.
  3. Hail the size of a penny or larger.
  4. Mature trees blown down by high winds.
  5. Roads impassible due to flood waters.
  6. Bridges overtopped by flood waters.

Many thanks!

Michael Schaffner
Senior Hydrologist
National Weather Service



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