The Beaverkill Valley Golf Course
by Colin Foote




Beaverkill's missing links, here reconstructed from topographical maps and recent footwork in the pine forest that took its place, was roughly defined by the Craigie Clair Road, the Beaverkill River and the Glen Brook, which runs out of Lake Waneta to join the river.  The course's sporty 9 holes, spread over 20 acres, were all par 3s and 4s.  Longest was the 303 yard 6th.  Its tee was way down in the NW corner where brook and river meet.  The 6th green lay up beside the then famous Golf Links pool, not far from a huge maple and elm (still there in 2002).  Shortest hole was the 110 yard 3rd, par 3; it called for a high-flying iron shot lofted over a 60-foot high wooded hill and across the road.  With luck you landed on the 3rd green, still easily visible today exactly between the cemetery and the Shea House.  Par for the course was 32.



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