Minutes from the AGM
October 12, 2002

The meeting was called to order at 4 PM at the home of Patricia and John Adams.

1. Patricia Adams gave opening remarks, noting that FOBC has been in existence for five years now. Although the initial reason for the organization was to provide an alternative to vinyl siding for the church, we are now an incorporated organization with influence in the local community and the state as well as consequent responsibilities.

2. Livingston Manor Development
Gerard Ilaria, co-director of the Livingston Manor Development Corporation addressed us on changes in Livingston Manor and solicited opinions from members on the kinds of commercial enterprises they would like to see in Livingston Manor. Gerard represents the LM Chamber of Commerce and the LM Renaissance Committee and talked about changes afoot in the Manor. The Chamber of Commerce has new membership and seven properties on Main St. have changed hands recently. Considering the possibilities for change, a questionnaire was distributed requesting our interest in various types of stores and services. The Chamber of Commerce and the Renaissance Committee meetings are open to all. The LM Development Corporation owns and will be renovating 5 of the 7 buildings, the other two having been bought by Renaissance members. Rentals can be had for approximately $8-$9 per square foot. A new liquor store is planned to open in the barn by spring.

 3. Mary Hall read the minutes from the June 2002 meeting and they were approved.

4. Debbie Lynker gave the Treasurer's Report and it was approved. We have a balance of $5,049.29 as of 10/12/02 including $850 in dues from 34 members.

5. Church
Patricia discussed the church situation. There are funds for the church that are a part of the FOBC treasury that are earmarked for work on the church siding only. This stems from FOBC's promise that we would be responsible for maintaining the painted siding if the church would refrain from putting up vinyl siding. The current siding is 120 years old and is in need of repair now. Judy Rosen has completed about $400 worth of work recently. Checks for this fund should be made out to FOBC church maintenance. Those who know about and are interested in historic preservation are requested to sign up for involvement in the church siding project.

There is a separate fund for church maintenance and enhancement that is overseen by church membership. It has nothing to do with FOBC and FOBC members are in no way obliged to contribute. That fund is now accepting contributions in memory of Bud Fielder who died this summer. Don Jaeckel says that the church has three bids for a new roof and that project will be under way in the spring.

In an additional project changes, improvements and enhancements to the front of the church are underway. This work was begun as a way of finding a suitable location for the memorial bench for Bud Fielder. Juniper bushes have been removed and the stone in the front of the church has been exposed. Don Jaeckel has contributed much time and energy to this effort and Mermer Blakeslee has been the landscape designer. Jim Powell has done the rock work and Clear Lake Corp contributed the rock itself.

Mermer Blakeslee discussed this landscaping project. There have been many contributions in Bud's memory. Those who are considering landscaping contributions should keep in mind that these should be deer-resistant, low-maintenance, drought-resistant, and have an old- fashioned style to be in keeping with the church.

6. By-Laws
John Kelly reported on the investigation of by-laws that he and Mike Teitler conducted.

FOBC is a five-year-old community organization that has been operating in the same way with careful reporting of minutes and treasury. In 2000 it was decided to incorporate under 501C3 so that donations could be tax deductible. A Board of Directors (Patricia Adams, Les Mattis and Jane Sokolow - see minutes of June 2002) was designated in the group's corporate charter. John stated that the Board makes all decisions for the corporation and that under the simplified format by which the corporation was organized, the Board is self-perpetuating. Those of us who meet twice yearly are really "friends" rather than "members", even though we have behaved as though we were members. The Board has behaved as a figurehead. In other words, while structurally the organization functions through the Board, in reality the "friends" meetings have determined the activities of the organization.

The by-laws of the organization can be changed to provide for members to elect the Board. That would take up a significant portion of meeting time and we must determine if it is worth it. No one gets paid for anything, by order of the by-laws.

John suggested that we might want to expand the Board by a couple of more people and that those two might change every year. A motion was made and passed to increase the Board to five people. It is anticipated that the Board will act to carry out this change.

7. DOT
Les Mattis updated us on matters regarding the two bridges over the Beaverkill. Regarding the Metal Bridge, a summary the situation and excerpts from the DOT Final Expanded Project Proposal was put together by Eric Hamerstrom, circulated by email and available at the meeting. Les reported that there had been a meeting during the summer during which it was agreed that the Alternate C (as described in the original report from Ryan Biggs) was preferred and that this was also the point of view of Pat Pomeroy and Bowman Owen. All agree that this design will adequately address the issues of all constituencies.

The County has requested bids from approximately a dozen companies with emphasis on Alternate C. Once a bid is selected and a design approved by the County and the DOT, work can begin. It is likely that we will have a new bridge in three to four years. During the period of construction, it is expected that the bridge will be unavailable to traffic for one winter season from late fall until spring.

Les also addressed the Covered Bridge, filling in for Bruce Janklow who is the committee head. Although it has been recommended that the State should take over the Covered Bridge, we were reminded that these matters move "exceeding slowly". Consequently, we would do well to write to all relevant officials to remind them of the situation and of our gratitude for and approval of the State's patronage. FOBC members will be sent names and addresses by email of appropriate officials for this correspondence.

8. Heritage Committee
Patricia described and expressed gratitude for the work done on the web site by Colin Foote, Tim Foote and Bill Sharpless. Tim Foote presented the piece on the Trout Valley Farm Inn and Golf Course, describing the map, the glory of the scene, and a whole way of life that has been recreated for this web site. He reminded us, however, that as Auden has said, "Poems are never completed, only abandoned." Therefore, we should think of this project as one that can be enhanced, corrected, edited and extended. It is, as he said, "an endless accordion pleated thing."

9. Website
We will need to identify an individual who will take responsibility for maintaining and upgrading the website in the future as well as someone to be responsible for doing layout and design for the site. This might be someone whom we can hire.

Patricia described the difficulty in bringing together all the material that has been made available for the web site and putting it into shape for addition to the site. She asked for a committee to deal with this task and one was formed which includes John Kelly, Pat Jones, Mac Francis, Mary Hall and perhaps Gail Steves. Tim Foote recommended a Chief of Research to keep track of what we have and what we need. He also recommended two topics as examples for further research, "Adams Corners" and the acid factories and the Clear Lake Club.

10. Miscellaneous
Patricia asked for someone to organize an annual social event and to oversee the location and refreshments for the FOBC meetings. Judith Katz volunteered to take care of these matters.



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