Minutes from the AGM
June 1, 2002

The meeting was called to order at 4 pm at the home of Patricia and John Adams.

1.Hazel Kelly read the minutes from the September 2001 meeting and they were approved.

2. Treasurer's Report

Debbie Lynker gave the Treasurer's report. FOBC has a balance of $4576.75 as of June 1, 2002 including $2330.00 in a funds transfer from OSI. OSI had accepted money for the church fund when that fund was established originally and now has transferred it to FOBC.

3.  FOBC Directory

Jane Sokolow reported on the new FOBC directory which was put together by Ilene Ferber with cover visual from Bruce Janklow (originally from Lucy Ackerley's shop) and map from Bob Trelstad. The annual dues, payable at the spring meeting, are $25 and entitles each household to two directories. Additional directories can be had for $3 each. Corrections and additions can be sent to Jane Sokolow, and although the directory will not be reprinted for five years, it was suggested that an addendum be made available annually that could be stapled into the back of the book. The initial printing cost $370 and was paid for from the treasury. A motion was passed to express applause and appreciation for the work of Ilene Ferber on the directory and Debbie Lynker as the treasurer.

4.Officers and Committee Heads:

Don Jaeckel, head of the nominating committee, presented the slate of officers and committee heads that the committee proposed. A motion to accept the slate as proposed was passed. Officers for 2002/2003 are:
President: Patricia Adams
Vice President: Lester Mattis
Second Vice President and Communications Director: Jane Sokolow
Secretary: Mary Hall
Treasurer: Debbie Lynker
Church Committee: Stuart Root and Ross Francis
Covered Bridge Committee: Bruce Janklow
Iron Bridge Committee: Eric Hamerstrom
Campsite Committee: John Adams
Heritage Committee: Bill Sharpless
By Laws Committee: John Kelly

5.Incorporation and By-Laws

FOBC is now incorporated as a 501C3 corporation due largely to the efforts of Mike Teitler. Now that we are official, we have by-laws and rules that must be followed. To be in compliance, we must have a Directors Meeting of separate record from the Members Meeting. A suggestion was made to schedule such a meeting so that it could be integrated in some way into the annual Members meeting but still be in compliance. A motion was made and passed to vote on the current board of directors, Patricia Adams, Les Mattis, Jane Sokolow, and to agree to entertain suggestions for replacements in the future. Michael Teitler and John Kelly agreed to look into the by-laws to make sure that FOBC is in compliance with 501C3 status.


John Adams stated that the campsite appeared to be "in pretty good shape", that trees had been planted, fireplaces repaired and work was proceeding on stream repair. We can get an Empire State Pass for $25 or $35 that will allow us to swim and use the campsite for the season, and, even though residents probably should not have to, John recommended getting such a pass just to make things easier. There is no lifeguard so that the state can reduce its liability exposure, but swimming is better than ever.


Stuart Root and Ross Francis gave the Church report. There is currently $5,848.11 in the church fund. That figure is separate from and in addition to anything reported in the FOBC treasury report. It represents money that FOCB contributed specifically for the painting of the church and the maintenance and upgrading of the painting so that the church would not need to sheath the building in vinyl siding. According to Ellen Loizeaux, the twenty-five year old roof now is in need of repair. A lively discussion ensued regarding the relationship of FOBC to the church and how we might approach this and future needs. Members are under no obligation to contribute to the church in any way, and the maintenance fund should not be used for other purposes without a vote. Patricia suggested that Stuart and Ross talk to church officials about their needs and plans and how, if at all, FOBC might participate.


Stuart reported from the ad hoc committee formed to investigate the situation of the cemetery. Others on the committee are Don Jaeckel and Bill Sharpless. The cemetery has run out of room. There is a two acre plot next to the church that is suitable for the cemetery expansion, but it is state land designated Forever Wild. There was discussion about doing a swap with the state if another suitable parcel of land could be identified. Such a procedure involves an amendment to the state constitution (Article 14) which entails a process of three years - one year to pass legislature, the next year to confirm, the third year to place a resolution on the state ballot that would be voted upon by the electorate. The committee will continue to look into this matter.


Patricia reported on the progress of the web site that Colin Foote is developing. Members are urged to continue interviewing and gathering pictures for the project. Bill Sharpless will work with Tim Foote on editing. There was a discussion about privacy issues that was satisfied by the concept of a member password for areas of private information like names and addresses and locations. Members were reminded that the same rules and liabilities apply to a web site as apply to a book, so that interviews and anecdotes should be reported with that in mind.

10.DOT Study and the Iron Bridge

Patricia Adams, Les Mattis and Eric Hamerstrom reported on the process of the solution to the Iron Bridge situation. The Ryan Biggs engineering and consulting report in which two solutions were put forth was delivered in Lew Beach in September. The final report with recommendation from the State and County was meant to be available on June 1, the day of this meeting, but through various mishaps was not received. It may be that whatever the state recommends will not be accepted by the county which may not have the funds to implement it. Various suggestions were proffered including building a covered bridge similar to ones built in Vermont and mounting a fund raising effort to supplement county funds if that would allow us to have the most desirable bridge.


-Catskill Center Interpretive Center, focused on the Ashokan area, is looking for a board member. Call Sherrett Chase if interested or e-mail SSCHASE@aol.com.
-2nd Annual AIDS bike ride will be on August 24. Various lengths are offered: 100 miles, 60 miles, 40 miles, and 25 miles. Last year the event raised $50,000 for the AIDS relief center at Catskill General Hospital in Harris. Call Rose Brown or sign up at Catskill Morning Farm if interested.

The meeting was adjourned with the next meeting to be scheduled for the end of the summer.



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