Minutes from the AGM
August 22, 2009
11th Annual General Meeting

Location: The home of Mermer Blakeslee and Eric Hamerstrom, 1370
          Berry Brook Road, Roscoe, New York

The meeting was called to order at 4:40 pm and presided over by David Barnes, president.

The minutes of last year’s meeting was read by Steve Levine, recording secretary, approved by Bob Jones and seconded by Rose Brown.

Treasurer’s report

Opening Balance = 5951.53
Deposits = 1452.00
Expenses =  (1558.78)
Closing Balance = 5844.78


Dues =               775
Book Sales =     405
Church Fund =  125
Honey Sales =   147

Book  Reprint =  (552)
Directory =         (561)
2008 Picnic =     (335)
Web Site =           (36)
PO Box =             (38)
M&T Bank =       (36)

Committee Reports

Bridge and Campsite:  It was reported by John Adams and Ramsay Adams of Catskill Mountainkeeper  that more than 800 signatures were received by the on line petition and that the State will again open the Beaverkill Covered Bridge campsite next year and without the need for the County as co-operators. 

Gas Drilling:  Ramsay Adams reported that Catskill Mountainkeeper is aggressively working to thwart gas drilling efforts in the Catskill region, a region reported to have some of the richest deposits of gas bearing shale in the Marcellus range.  It was also reported that Mr. Krieger might be actively seeking leases in the area for gas drilling exploration.

Gambling Casinos:  It is reported that the town of Thompson has approved gambling permits and that three different Indian tribes are seeking to open casinos in the area.  It was suggested that an aggressive email campaign along with other efforts be instituted to the Bureau of Indian Affairs headed by Larry Echohawk against such plans.  It was also noted as an example that the Atlantic City gambling industry did not deliver the promised positive social amenities as first anticipated to the State of New Jersey and that if gambling should come to this area, it most likely would cause extreme traffic problems and other serious social disruption in the form of negative social behavior.

Communications:  Jane Sokolow reported that to date there are 138 listed as FOBC members and two new directories will be given to up to date dues paying members with extra copies available for $2.00 each.  Ginny Lawrence implored the membership to please send contributions (pictures, articles of historic interest, etc.) to post on the web site.  She also suggested that we could possibly subscribe to the “Constant Contac” system, a program that would facilitate bringing new entries to the website by posting them directly in regular emails eliminating the need to access the site each time to search for them.  The cost would be $15.00 per month for up to 500 email addresses.

Beaverkill Church:  Steve Lott reported that the church is in excellent condition except for the paint, which is peeling.  It was suggested that it could either be repainted or totally resided with new wooden siding since it may be, in the long run, be more cost effective to paint a new wood surface that would last longer rather than the scraping and refinishing of the old at greater frequency.

New Business

Patricia Adams suggested creating a committee for exploring the possibility of getting the area declared a historic district.  The Open Space Institute has bought the old barn at the Clear Lake clubhouse property and the old school house at the Prince Hall Masonic property that must be removed by sometime next year to a new site.  The cost of moving would hopefully be funded for by petitioning for grants.  It was also noted that should the area be declared a “Historic District” it would not impose rules and/or restrictions on homeowners relating to any work they may want to do with their houses and properties such as those applied to homes on a “Historic Register.”  It was asked that a committee be formed to study where the schoolhouse be moved and to study how these above named structures are to be used.

Patricia also stated that the Twin Village Golf Course in Roscoe was in some financial distress and that the world be spread to patronize this most important local recreational facility to keep it in business.

Mary Hall informed members of a musical performance to be presented at the CAS Arts
Center on September 19th and to support this great local cultural facility.
David Barnes announced that there will be a wine and beer tasting benefit for WJFF on Saturday, September 26th, 2009 from 2.00 to 5:00 pm at Justine Sutherland’s Catskill Mountain Yoga Retreat in Parksville.  Tickets are $45.00 per person.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted:

Steve Levine, recording secretary, FOBC

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