Minutes from the AGM
August 9, 20082

Annual General Meeting

The meeting took place at the home of Virginia and Roger Lawrence
Les Mattis called the meeting to order at 4:30, noting that this was the 10th annual meeting of the Friends of the Beaverkill Community and would end with a brief theatrical celebration of the event.

Mary Hall read the minutes of the meeting of August 11, 2007.   As per custom, attendees of the meeting introduced themselves and their personal geography in Beaverkill.
Sue Barnett gave the Treasurer’s report indicating that the Treasury showed a balance of $5856.40, determined as follows:

Opening balance $9428, plus
Revenue from dues, church fund, and booksales, $ 2938, less
Costs of
$6509.60, including book printing 6338, and miscellaneous 171.60
Sue noted that dues can be sent to PO Box 704, Roscoe, NY 12776 or dropped off at Hamish and Henry.

Les stated that the nominating committee appointed at the last meeting, John Kelly, Mary Hall, and Jane Sokolow, had recommended several new officers and board members.  In passing he noted that he was stepping down as president and that David Barnes had been named by the board to succeed him.   Patricia Adams held the meeting in abeyance under a point of privilege to offer a vote of thanks for Les’ many contributions to FOBC: vigorous, lengthy, spontaneous, unrestrained, and nearly unstoppable applause followed.  Les stated that the following were named as officers and board members for the coming year:

President---David Barnes
Treasurer—Sue Barnett
Vice President Communications—Jane Sokolow
Secretary—Steve Levine
Board Members—

The foregoing four officers, together with
Mary Hall, John Kelly, Patricia Adams, Ramsey Adams, Mellisa Holden, and Les Mattis.  Les asked for the approval of the slate by the members present, which was given by show of hands.

Les Mattis reported on the covered bridge, which was closed at the time of the meeting.  A fracture had been discovered, and the state was working on a temporary fix.  Les noted that the State had committed to maintain the bridge as a registered historic site, but the larger permanent repair would take a lengthy period of research, and budget problems were likely to cause a long delay.

Virginia Lawrence asked for contributions for the FOBC website. She also noted that the weather service had asked that anyone with information on extreme weather conditions such as roads made impassable, mature trees down, hail size of a penny or more, rainfall, can contribute to the record by calling 1 800 759 2992.

John Kelly reported that the Library of Congress had vetted the Stories of the Beaverkill and had determined to index it in its collections. 

John Adams reported that the campsite had undergone much work since the floodings and that it had been somewhat reduced in size and moved to the river island.  He felt that all in all the campsite was considerably improved.

Erik Hamerstrom reported that the barn above the Clear Lake Club had been leased by OSI and that the New York State Barn restoration fund had provided some funds for its repair which was proceeding. He indicated that repairs should maintain it for the indefinite future but that further funds would be needed for its complete repair.  He stated that there was a possibility that it could be used by FOBC in some way. Eric also reported that the Church was in excellent shape.

Ramsey Adams gave a report on the problems arising from the proposed Marcellus Shale drilling.  He reported that the situation had only been recognized 7 months ago but that gas companies were signing leases thruout the Catskills.  He outlined the possible damage arising from the drilling, likely truck traffic, water requirements and pollution.  He noted that the shale layer is actually at its thickest in the Catskills; that, except for forever wild parcels, our area had no special legal protection; and, further, that many of the protections of the Clean Water and Air legislation did not apply to this drilling.  He concluded that this was coming and that the effort at present had to be to mitigate and limit the effects as much as possible. Information will continue to be provided in the Catskill Mountain Keeper Website.  Stuart Root reported on his researches in the property records that reflected the continuing efforts of the gas companies to sign up property owners.

At this point, to celebrate the FOBC anniversary, a theatrical reading from Stories of the Beaverkill was presented under the directorship of Mary Hall and Mimi McGurl. Participants included Patricia Adams, Les Mattis, John Kelly, Ed and Sally Czerny, Roger Lawrence and Bob Jones.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:30

Respectfully submitted John Kelly
Acting Secretary



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