Minutes from the AGM
August 11, 20072

The meeting was called to order by board president, Les Mattis, at 4:45 pm at the home of Patricia and John Adams, after the Beaverkill Community Musicale at the Beaverkill Methodist Church.

1. Attendees introduced themselves.

2. Les gave the history of the FOBC, particularly for the benefit of new members.

 3. The Treasurer’s Report was not available. The membership was reminded that annual FOBC dues are $25 per household and that they can be sent to PO Box 74, Roscoe, 12776. In addition, there is a separate fund for Church exterior maintenance for which voluntary contributions are received at the same address.

4. The minutes from the last annual membership meeting were not available.

5. John Kelly gave the Nominating Committee report.
- Sue Barnet replaces Debra Lynker as Treasurer and her selection was approved.
- The committee invites the membership to offer themselves as candidates for officers.

6. Eric Hamerstrom gave the Metal Bridge report. He said that there was very little to say beyond what was observable to any passerby, namely that there were two side trusses waiting for placement and that not much was happening. It was expected that we will have a new bridge by the end of the summer but the actuality is uncertain.

7. John Adams gave the Covered Bridge and Campsite report.
- Trees have been planted, and there is an attempt to reduce the number of campsites and to acquire the old ranger’s cabin.
- Work has been done to get the bridge on the historic register list

i. One of the abutments is privately owned

ii. Previous town supervisors and highway departments did not want to have the bridge registered because of attendant problems with town responsibilities.

iii. Need the state to pay for it, and the DOT has agreed to take over the maintenance of bridge.

iv. McCrea Burnham, John’s nephew, has managed to get bridge on historic register and there will be a dedication sometime in the fall.

- Work is being done to put the whole campsite on the historic register. It is the second oldest campsite in the state.

8. Patricia Adams talked about the Campsite.
- Can’t do too much because most of it is the state’s responsibility.
- Focus needs to be on the swimming area and the old ranger house, landscaping and garbage  cleanup. Alternatively, if there is no local interest, the project could just be left to the state.
- On a larger basis, Patricia talked about the possibility of getting funding for a study to see if whole Beaverkill area qualifies for historic designation.

9. David Barnes reported on the wooly adelgid.
- This blight on hemlock trees is now all over the county but has not penetrated certain areas because of low winter temperatures.
- Members should check their trees for white, puffy growth on underside of needles, report to DEC and to Jane Sokolow who will tell other members.

10. Communication with FOBC membership should be sent to Jane Sololow first, who will consult with Board about appropriateness.

11. Joan O’Connor volunteered to put together a new, updated membership directory.

12. The website was discussed. The website committee is Jane Sololow, Ginny Lawrence and John Kelly. Volunteers were requested. A new, updated, newly formatted map is needed. People with old postcards can get them posted on the website. Ginny and Patricia will help with scanning them in.

13. 2008 will be the 10th anniversary of FOBC. Mary Hall is the chair of the anniversary committee. She announced plans for a dramatic reading from the Beaverkill Stories and will call on members to take part. Members can call on her with suggestions.

14. The meeting closed with Patricia saying that the fire engine was ready to take kids and parents for a ride.



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