Church Progress Report
June 2005
by Patricia Adams

Dear Friends of Beaverkill-

Great progress has been made with the Beaverkill Church -- thanks to very hard work by members of the Friends and with financial support from FOBC. The Church painting was completed last summer, the roof has been repaired, new cedar shutters put on the windows and this week the new cupola was installed. This work has been supervised by Steve Lott and he deserves great thanks for all his time and commitment. (He and Maureen also spent an afternoon cleaning the inside of the church).

Mermer Blakeslee, Mary Hall and I cleaned up the garden this week which is doing very well in spite of no rain to speak of since the April flood. Mermer would like to add mulch and a couple of plants and we have funds in the church fund to do so.

Seth Sternberg has donated a beautiful organ that will bring a sound to the church that it has never had before. Although we all loved the old organ--it was a great challenge with keys that constantly stuck and a middle C that didn't work--although Grace Van Nalts could work miracles with it. A newer one was found, but the tone was weak and, as some of you might remember, it shorted out on Christmas Eve. (Which didn't dampen the joyful voices of the people who filled the church)

Stuart Root is our choir director (he's always looking for sopranos) and with great enthusiasm but with few members, the choir will prepare special music (Bach, Mendelssohn,  Bruckner) for Sunday mornings. Stuart also distributes short descriptions and background information about the pieces that are being sung.

And another wonderful development, Mary Hall will be our pastor for the first six weeks of the summer, with help from Timothy Foote and Bill Sharpless who will do the Scripture readings. The first Church service is June 5th at 9:00 a.m.

So the spirit of the community is particularly visible this summer and many thanks to all members of The Friends of Beaverkill Community for helping to make it so.

Patricia Adams



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