Church Preservation Report
December 2004
by Stu Root and Steve Lott
The following letter is in two parts -- the first 4 pages are from Stu Root; the second 3, from Steve Lott.


Dear Friends:

With our Christmas Eve service coming soon, this is a good time to report on FOBC's commitment to maintaining the Church exterior. Our activities embrace a far greater spectrum of community activities, but we do have to revisit the Church matters from time to time.

For those of you who are more recently to the FOBC organization, I am happy to recapitulate: About eight years ago, a group of us formed the FOBC to preserve the church exterior, to preserve the covered bridge, improve the campsite, and to weigh in with NYS on the replacement of the Iron Bridge. Several of us made initial contributions for a start up fund for the church maintenance, and also pledged to pay from $50 - $100 annually to keep the painting/preservation fund solvent.

This fund allowed for the initial painting and some restoration work; it also allowed for a large part of the current painting and restorative exterior work. Fortunately the fund has been enough to cover all the costs assumed by us, and we have, in the bank, $3,400 to cover the balance due of $2,833 shown on Steve Lott's report shown below.

Once we disburse the $2,833, however, we will have a balance of $633 for going forward.

Accordingly, I am suggesting that those who can now renew their annual payments. Even if you did not make an annual pledge, we welcome gifts that will re-build the church maintenance fund for future exterior work. The Christmas Eve Service is a perfect example of why we feel this fund is important. We have over a hundred people who come every year because of the beauty of the church, the inclusive nature of the service and the welcoming atmosphere of our community. I think we all agree that this historic structure is well worth maintaining.

Contributions should be made payable to: Friends of Beaverkill Community [memo: Church fund], and sent to: F.O.B.C., P.O. Box 704, Roscoe, NY, 12776. (These contributions are separate from annual dues of $25.00 per family - also sent to this address)

I will be reorting back to all on our progress, probably on a bi-monthly basis.

Many thanks, Stu Root


December 1, 2004
To: Friends of Beaverkill Church Committee
Re: Church Painting

The exterior painting of the church has been completed, including the Replacement of damaged/rotted boards, covering of old chimney holes for abandoned wood stoves, the replacement of the rear door, and the purchase of new shutters for the six side windows (the old shutters were in such bad condition, they fell apart when they were removed for painting).

All bills for the above work have been paid out of church funds, and partial reimbursement has been received. As previously agreed, the Friends of Beaverkill will accept charges for the cost of the exterior painting, replacement of damaged siding, and purchase of the new cedar shutters. All other work, (also including the previously completed new roof, and the yet-to-be completed bell tower replacements), will be paid solely out of church funds.

Following is an accounting for the covered work:

Painting labor (as per contract) $ 6,400.00
Painting material (paint, siding & trim) 845.00
Shutters (six sets, cedar) $1,200 [F.O.B.C. contribution]

Total cost: $8,607.00

Reimbursement to date: ($ 5,773.09)

Balance due $ 2,833.91

Just a note: Brian Greenthal, who was the painting contractor, not only did an exceptional job in a timely manner, but he also performed (or will be performing) additional work at no cost to the church, including the rear door replacement, painting of the interior foyer ceiling, planing of the front door, and installation of the new shutters.


Respectfully submitted,
Steve Lott, Treasurer Beaverkill U.M. Church



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